Join us for the fourth webinar of our 2022 series!

Tune in to hear Sarah Red-Laird, the founder and Executive Director of the Bee Girl Organization, and learn about her “Regenerative Bee Pasture” project which works with farmers, ranchers, and viticulturists to find the best possible “win-win-win” solutions for them, the bees, and the beekeepers. This project is rooted in the understanding that rebuilding soil is the first step to healthy bees, livestock, and people.

Sarah envisions a future where kids frolic in pastures of flowers, buzzing with bees, alongside profitable family farmers and ranchers. In this talk, she will share how her focus has moved beyond beekeeping to include soil building, why this is important, and how you can take part in her vision for the future.


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We are pleased to announce that this webinar will be in English with direct translation in French available.