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🎥 Regenerating our roots: Building community and honouring culture through food

In this conversation, we explored the relationships between food sovereignty, regenerative agriculture, biodiversity conservation, and community building and how the speakers put these concepts into practice. We then looked at how growing...
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🎥 Regenerating nutrition: Healthy soils for nutritious food

Over the last several decades, the focus on the nutrient density of foods has been replaced by the pursuit of higher yields and maximized production systems, leading to poorly managed soils and...
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🎥 Regenerating ourselves: Mental and physical health in agriculture

Farmer well-being is critical to developing a regenerative food system in Canada. With this webinar, we explored how agriculture impacts farmers’ health and how we, as consumers, can better understand the root...
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🎥 Regenerating the market: Direct-to-consumer models connecting farmers and families

In this webinar, we explored how to localize supply chains and improve transparency to create more regenerative, regionally-rooted food systems. We heard from two farmers and a food industry entrepreneur who are...
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🎥 Regenerating the planet: Soil and agroecosystem management to mitigate climate change

On World Soil Day - December 5th - we delved into the world of living soils, regenerative agriculture, and its potential as a climate solution. Panelists discussed the importance of soil health...
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🎥 Regenerating relationships: Humans, ecosystems, and the food we eat

There is an inherent relationship between people, land, and our food systems. On November 22nd, we launched the Stories of Regeneration webinar series with an illuminating discussion of how we might strengthen...
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Regeneration Canada's main office is located on unceded Indigenous lands. The Kanien’kehá:ka are recognized as the custodians of these lands and waters. Tiohtiá:ke/Montreal is known as a historic gathering place for many Indigenous peoples. 

Regeneration Canada is committed to taking action to regenerate land and water while acknowledging and respecting Indigenous knowledge that ensures thriving for all beings.

We are dedicated to continuously educating ourselves and the communities we serve about the true history of this place.