In this workshop, Ananda Fitzsimmons of Regeneration Canada will talk about how soil carbon sequestration through regenerative agriculture practices has the potential to pull excess carbon dioxide from the atmosphere and store it in agricultural lands. This could, in addition to reversing the progress of climate change, assure a safer and more secure food system and mitigate the effects of climate instability. This talk will be relevant to anyone who consumes food and is concerned about the environment. Ananda will present the work of Regeneration Canada and talk about how all citizens have a role to play if we are to create the significant change required to respond adequately to the climate crisis. The presentation will be followed by a discussion about how communities in BC and on Bowen Island can take action.

When? Saturday July 27, 4:30 pm – 6:30 pm 

Where? Library Annex @ Cove Commons, Bowen Island, BC

FREE workshop! 

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Sponsored by Bowen in Transition

In collaboration with Bowen Island Food Sovereignty