Gabrielle Bastien will be taking part in the Globe and Mail’s Regenerative Agriculture event on Wednesday, June 9. This free and virtual event will explore regenerative agriculture and its role in securing farming for the future.

About the event

What does soil erosion mean to the future of farming? Though opinions vary on whether the number of harvests is finite, the consensus is we need better agricultural practices to sustain farming for the long term. What role might regenerative agriculture play? This webcast will explore how regenerative agriculture might support more sustainable food production and climate change action.

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Gabrielle Bastien
Founder and Co-Director Regeneration Canada

Kathryn Blaze Baum
National Reporter The Globe and Mail

Max Koeune
President and CEO McCain Foods

Megz Reynolds
Saskatchewan Farmer, Agriculture Advocate

Ann-Marie Saunders
Co-Owner Saunders Family Farm & Vineyard

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You can read this article summarizing the session.