Hydrating Landscapes to Mitigate Climate Change

Regenerate Soils. Restore Water Cycles. Cool the climate.

For a thriving & resilient planet.

Just as soil holds the potential to draw down carbon, it can also soak up, store and filter water, and help to restore water cycles.

We are excited to focus the 4th edition of the Living Soils Symposium on the connection between regenerating soil and restoring water cycles, given the key role of water on climate and resilience.


To achieve large-scale ecological restoration and climate mitigation, what is needed is a systemic change involving us all: citizens, farmers, indigenous leaders, land managers, consultants, businesses, researchers, non-profit organizations and decision-makers. What role can you play in regenerating soils?

Come learn, exchange and connect with others from across Canada who have the health of our water and soils at heart. Enjoy virtual panels, interactive online workshops, campfire conversations, networking opportunities, and more!

For more information and the latest schedule releases, visit the website.