Making despite/against collapse

Pop-up collective exhibition/constructive conversation/food/drink/music/hope

Come show your support for this positive movement of resisting climate collapse. Going into the equinox, join us for discussion about climate solutions amidst beautiful works of contemporary art with local food and music as a celebration of hard-won hope. We want to promote regenerative agriculture as good work for climate justice and a concrete action that our politicians and you can take to turn this global threat into enduring positive change.

Regeneration Canada is a non-profit organization with a petition to address regenerative agriculture as a climate solution in the lead-up to the upcoming federal elections on October 21st.

Our collective exhibition is an awareness-campaign, a support building and hope fulfilling evening. Just before the equinox, we’re looking back into personal histories of making, current questions lived, and the dreams and anxieties we hold on to. Like the phoenix, we rise from the ashes. We can act to heal the climate and our communities, we can make good work for ourselves and for the generations that follow. Like the mental health struggles felt by so many: this is not our problem alone, but it is our responsibility.

Please share with us.

Witches welcome.

Show: Thursday, September 19th (Doors: 6pm, Welcome address and Toast: 8pm, community Organizations rally & poetry ‘til 8:45 music 9-11)

Local grown, prepared with love snacks & home brew (tea, beer) provided by donation.

Petition for Regeneration Canada on site. Available here:

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Craft is inherently wasteful. What is more spiritual than creating anti-capitalist art. Ecological anxiety and depression are real struggles for many. Climate justice for who? How can we address Apathy?

Art, my friends, with art

Feel it out, show your work, make connections here and get involved.


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