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This event is made possible thanks to the support of K-Hart Industries, Garratt Industries Ltd, and Farm Credit Canada.

On July 6th, 2022, the Saskatchewan Soil Conservation Association and Regeneration Canada are coming together to host a Field Day in Minton, Saskatchewan.

The field day will include a tour of Box H Farm, a family farm that works with nature to raise healthy livestock on healthy land. They raise grass-finished beef and pastured pork, as well as honey bees. We will also tour Axten Farms, a family farm that uses regenerative farming practices and has a food-grade seed cleaning facility and a soon-to-be flour mill.

We are inviting 100 farmers to come and learn about farming practices that regenerate the soil to produce healthy food.



9:30 am – Registration at Minton Hall

10:00 am – Guest Speaker

11:30 am – Catered Lunch

12:30 am – Half of the group on one bus to Box H Farm;  the other half on bus to Axten Farms

2:30 pm – Switch to the other farm

4:30 pm – Back at Minton Hall for wrap up + Q&A period


Meet our hosts:

Axten Farms

At Axten Farms, we are doing what we can to mimic the natural systems in our area. This means having lots of diversity above-ground to stimulate the below-ground diversity. Using a microscope to see and better understand our soils has shown us the true heart of the farm. These microorganisms cycle nutrients for our plants, create healthy soils that hold moisture, and act as detoxifiers.
Every time we head to the field, we consider how we are impacting the soil. This has led us to practices such as intercropping, cover cropping, composting, and control traffic farming. We want to be loyal to soil!
We operate a food-grade seed cleaning facility on the farm that allows us to clean the grains that we have grown. One of our goals is to sell grains directly to those who want to know how their food is grown. This has also inspired us to add a flour mill. 


Box H Farm

At Box H Farm, we grow grass, raise cattle, and direct-market grass-fed beef, pastured pork, and honey.  Over the past 20 years, our farm has evolved from a conventional mixed grain and cattle operation to a forage-based business that grows nourishing food while working to improve the soil and grasslands that we manage. 
Our grazing plan includes frequent moves with electric fencing to create hoof impact and evenly graze forages, followed by a long recovery period. We value the native prairie and other perennial forages in our environment, where winds and dry conditions can challenge our fragile soils. There is nothing we love more than being out on our land, observing nature and learning new ways to enhance our beautiful prairie ecosystem. 


Meet our Guest speakers:

Joel Williams

Joel Williams is an independent plant and soil health educator, a healthy soils advocate, and presenter on soil biology, plant nutrition, and agroecological farming systems. Joel has a Bachelor of Agricultural Science, specializing in plant and soil dynamics, and has a keen interest in managing plant diversity, soil microbial ecology, and plant & soil nutrition to optimize soil function and crop immunity. He has a passion for teaching and sharing both scientific and practical information and has lectured to farming audiences internationally.


Kate Axten 

Kate Axten is an 18-year-old with a passion for food and farming. She farms with her family in Minton, Saskatchewan, and recently graduated from high school. Kate comes from a family of innovative farmers that like to try new ideas, and this has prompted her desire to become an entrepreneur. This summer, Kate is working as a Communications Agent with Regeneration Canada to gain a better insight of stakeholders and practices of regenerative agriculture in the prairies. As much as Kate loves the farm, her true passion is for the food that is grown. Her desire to educate and better understand how farming practices relate to the food produced will take her to Dalhousie this fall to study International Food Business. In her studies, she will gain an understanding of the global food industry from the farm to the consumer’s plate.



Regeneration Canada is a national non-profit organization dedicated to promoting soil regeneration in order to mitigate climate change, restore biodiversity, improve water cycles, and support a healthy food system. We strive towards this goal by creating spaces for farmers, landowners, scientists, agronomists, businesses, community organizations, governments, and citizens to learn, connect, and take action to regenerate soils.

The Saskatchewan Soil Conservation Association (SaskSoil) is a non-profit, producer-based organization whose mission is “Advancing agricultural systems that improve the land and environment for future generations.” SaskSoil is dedicated to promoting best management practices that improve soil health. 



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