Join us for the third webinar in our 2021 series!

Regenerative agriculture is gaining popularity for its sought-after benefits such as increasing soil health, improving water cycles, mitigating climate change as well as bringing attention to social transformation. As the movement develops, so does the need for shared, widely-accepted ways of measuring and validating the outcomes and practices involved. Tune in to learn about three different approaches currently being developed to serve the regenerative movement.

Alisa Gravitz will introduce the Soil Carbon Initiative (SCI), an outcomes-based verification and commitment program that empowers and incentivizes farmers, food companies and consumers to embrace regenerative agriculture to build soil health, draw down carbon, increase biodiversity, improve water and build weather protection. SCI is open to everyone in every production system from conventional to organic and biodynamic. Alisa is looking forward to talking with Regeneration Canada and its farmer-members about creating the first Canadian SCI pilot.

Fabien Jouve will give a brief overview of the certification: Regenerative Organic Certified™, a third-party verification program designed to ensure ROC™ farms and products meet the highest standards for soil health, animal welfare and farmworker fairness.

Dana Penrice will introduce the Ecological Outcome Verification™ (EOV™) which is a protocol for monitoring land health and regeneration. EOV gives the land a voice of its own, through empirical and tangible outcomes, which in turn provide the farmer with ongoing feedback from which to make better management decisions. Learn about the importance of measuring outcomes, and the benefits of communicating the impact of regenerative farming to farmers, consumers and policy makers.


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