Composting as a Foundation of a Circular and Regenerative Food System

Dr Grant Clark | Colby Hansen2022-06-14

The planetary challenges we face—such as climate change, soil degradation, broken food systems and an increased human population to feed—implore us to adopt solutions applicable to both urban and agricultural areas. Circular economy concepts invite us to shift our production system from linear to one that mimics nature in its constant recycling of elements, complementing regenerative agriculture, which approaches the farm in the context of a larger ecosystem. Tune in to hear Dr. Grant Clark from the Department of Bioengineering at McGill University and Colby Hansen from Hansen Beef Farm, who will be discussing how circular economy and regenerative approaches can close the gap between agriculture and organic waste management practices, in order to increase the resilience of our food systems. This webinar was made possible thanks to the support of Englobe.

Duration: 73 min.

Available in: English, French

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