Regenerative agriculture brings attention back to the soil as a living and dynamic ecosystem. It makes us see this unique earthly medium on which our food system depends. David R. Montgomery, doctor in geomorphology, and Anne Biklé, biologist and gardener, have been writing together to expand the public’s knowledge on the importance of soil. In their most recent book, What Your Food Ate, they bring us even more intimately close to soil, personalizing our relationship with its health by explaining its impact on the nutritional content of our food. The choice of agricultural methods, ecological practices and the evaluation criteria of our food production are central to this question. Have we been choosing quantity over quality, and at what cost? Whether you are a farmer, chef, food producer, or engaged eater, David and Anne’s work will help you draw connections between the health of the planet, people, ecosystems, and soil. Join us to discuss how to heal our land while reclaiming our health, as we all need to be part of the solution.


Our speakers

David Montgomerry is a broad-minded geologist and Anne Biklé is a free-range biologist with a bad case of plant lust.

This webinar will be in English, with simultaneous French interpretation available.

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