Join our Board of Directors!

Regeneration Canada is recruiting three Board Members! We are looking for people who are passionate about addressing climate change through regenerative land management and committed to thinking about diversity, equity and inclusion, both individually and organizationally. This is an opportunity to contribute to advancing the regenerative movement from within a dynamic and growing organization.

At RC, we’re committed to integrating principles of equity and inclusion throughout our activities and organization, to foster belonging of diverse stakeholders and center their voices in the movement. We consider that to regenerate land, we need to address systemic cultural and social barriers that determine who has access to land and resources to be able to participate in the regenerative movement. We hold this commitment at the center of our 2021 Board of Directors elections.

How the Board works

Our Board ensures good governance of our organization by overseeing our strategy and finances as well as our co-directors. Board members also contribute their own personal knowledge and expertise to our efforts and processes, to serve our mission and contribute to soil regeneration in an inclusive and equitable manner.

The Board meets formally approximately six times per year (roughly every two months) for up to two hours. Occasionally an additional Special Board meeting is called to address a particular time-sensitive situation. Board members may volunteer to work on committees to address particular needs as they arise (i.e. developing the organization’s official position on an issue or creating internal policies). Generally these committees are only active intermittently or for a limited time to address a specific need. Individual Board members may also be consulted one on one to address needs of the organization which fall under their particular knowledge and expertise.


  • Mandate length: 2 years beginning on October 27th, 2021, renewable for a maximum of three mandates
  • Time commitment: approximately 2-5 hours per month, including time required for punctual trainings

Our priorities for this year’s recruiting 

  • Knowledge in land stewardship, agriculture and/or climate change
  • Knowledge of soil science and/or agronomy
  • Fundraising expertise
  • Experience in nonprofit governance
  • Expertise in social innovation and/or organizational development
  • Priority regions: Atlantic Canada, Northern Canada, British Columbia and Ontario


  • Knowledge of equity, diversity and inclusion, specifically regarding governance practices
  • Lived experience as a farmer or land steward
  • Bilingualism in French and English
  • Experience in the agriculture sector
  • Experience in administration or in governance for charitable organizations

We understand candidates may not have all the qualifications listed, or may have acquired their skill sets via an untraditional path. We also strongly encourage people who are BIPOC, have dis(or differing) abilities, 2SLGBTQIA+ and women to apply for this position. 

Application Process

There are two routes of applications : potential administrators can either be nominated or apply directly. 

Nominate someone! 

1. Fill out this form in order to nominate the person of your choice

2. Nominated potential administrators will be contacted by RC to confirm their interest before moving forward with the formal application outlined below.  



Apply to be on our board! 

1. If you wish to apply for one of the three administrators positions, fill out this form before October 6, 2021. Applications will be subject to pre-screening based on this year’s recruitment priorities if the number exceeds 10 to fit the time constraints of the AGM.

2. RC will confirm the reception of your application and ask you to prepare a short 1-2 minute speech introducing yourself and the assets you would bring to the BoD.

3. You will present this prepared speech live at Regeneration Canada’s virtual AGM on October 27th If you are unavailable on the chosen date, a prepared video of the speech can be presented in-lieu of a live presentation.  

4. Finally, members present at the AGM will vote for new administrators to sit on the BoD after hearing all applicants’ prepared speeches.




Our commitments go beyond inclusion – we aim to foster an equitable environment for people with diverse backgrounds and needs. We are happy to work with you in order to reduce trauma-related triggers, to support people with dis- or differing abilities, for mental health promotion and wellness, or any other suggested accommodations.