Intentional online networks: Our transition to the collaborative platform Hylo

Regeneration Canada members recently helped us make the leap to migrate our online community from Facebook Workplace to a new and exciting platform, called Hylo.

Why did we, as a community, choose to do this?


How do we provide a trustworthy space for our network to exchange ideas?

This has been a question we’ve reflected upon deeply over the last year.

A founding pillar at Regeneration Canada is to connect a multi-stakeholder network of members and partners to create a space for them to think and work together to make this regenerative reality possible. We wanted a space that would facilitate exchange between individuals, farms, and organisations on the regenerative journey, while allowing us to share news, ask for help, share successes, and know that our data would remain our own. We especially wanted something that aligned with our values. We believe that each of our choices is important and that they must be intentional so that we can all be part of the solution. To walk the road of systemic change can be overwhelming, yet that is what is needed, and it is our mission.

Why Hylo?

Hylo is a new platform which drew us in not only by its beautiful design and features but more importantly by the values at its core. Hylo is built by a community of regenerative thinkers, who work through relationship-centred design, collective stewardship, and a commitment to open source and data sovereignty.

Our new online community is organised under a general group, as well as regional subgroups to encourage place-based collaboration. In line with our vision of breaking silos in the regenerative movement, posts can be made public, if desired, allowing them to be seen by all communities present on Hylo, beyond the RC community. Different types of posts have been designed to encourage clarity in messages, such as Requests, Discussions, Events or Projects, which all appear on a map, along with groups and members’ profiles. Once members create their profile, it gives a great start for networking and collaboration, as we can search for skills or interests available in our community.

In short, we are happy to be part of such a dynamic community, which is based on collective stewardship and encourages place-based action and care, while allowing exchange and learning through an inclusive global online space.

Join our Regeneration Canada network by becoming a member, and we’ll see you on Hylo!