Join us for the second webinar of our 2022 series!

This conference will address the practicality of the regenerative journey. Taking the first steps towards regenerative agriculture can be daunting, while learning from the success of our peers can ease the process.

Ray Lourens will share her hands-on experience gained on her family’s mixed grain and cattle operation as well as the knowledge she gained working with other farmers across the prairies and the US. Using personal and collective narrative to cover concepts of soil & ecosystem health, as well as the financial realities of transitioning to a regenerative agricultural operation, she will share with us the motivation to transition her family farm and how developing a regenerative mindset is the key to strategically planning for this transition. Ray has been successfully implementing regenerative practices such as multi-species cover crops, intercropping, adaptive grazing methods, custom-made foliar programs, and more. Whether you are taking the first steps on your journey or are already well on your way down the path, don’t miss this exciting webinar!

Riani (Ray) Lourens is a farmer with experience in implementing the principles of soil health on her family’s farm, located in East Central Saskatchewan. After moving from South Africa, her family had to learn farming in a new climate as well as find ways to work with the degraded soils they started with. Since then, their goal has been to find new ways to improve production, soil health and profitability. Their operation integrated the use of multi-species cover crops, intercropping, adaptive grazing methods and custom-made foliar programs.
Ray has been a consultant for Understanding Ag LLC. since the beginning of 2020, helping farmers find practical ways to implement the soil health principles on their individual operations and has done consulting and data collection for the General Mills Regenerative Oat Pilot project that started in 2019.


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We are pleased to announce that this webinar will be in English with direct translation in French available.