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Prioritize social justice, food sovereignty, and economic viability

Written by Rosina Rodighiero, Paige Fehr

A truly regenerative agricultural system advocates for fair labour conditions for everyone involved- farmers, farm labourers, processors and consumers, to name a few. In order to prevent extreme disparities, discrimination and social...
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Safeguarding Water Cycles

Written by Rosina Rodighiero, Paige Fehr

As 40% of the world faces water scarcity, good water management is a key part of regenerative agriculture. Effective irrigation, water collection infrastructure, and proper farm design are important for water conservation....
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Protect & Restore Natural Ecosystems

Written by Rosina Rodighiero, Paige Fehr

Regenerative practices aim to preserve or reclaim habitats like peat bogs, wetlands, prairies and forests. These ecosystems play important roles in the maintenance of the water cycle, the purification of groundwater, sequestering...
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Agroforestry & Living Roots

Written by Paige Fehr, Rosina Rodighiero

Perennials, trees, shrubs and other plants that grow back year after year, have more developed root systems than annual plants. This enables them to sequester more carbon, store more water, and sustain...
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Reciprocity in Regenerative Agriculture

Written by Paige Fehr, Rosina Rodighiero

Making sure whatever we take is given back. Providing plants with macro and micronutrients using organic inputs restores the soil’s biological nutrient cycling abilities. Green manures, compost and animal manure are all...
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Regenerating Humility

Written by Derek Leahy

This post was originally published by Derek Leahy for Rural Routes to Climate Solutions as a reflection on the Stories of Regeneration tour in the summer of 2023. Stories of Regeneration is...
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Maintaining Biodiversity in Regenerative Agriculture

Written by Rosina Rodighiero, Paige Fehr

Systems with greater diversity of soil organisms, plants and animals are more resilient. They tend to have superior soil fertility and respond better to stresses such as diseases, climatic extremes, human impacts...
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Minimize Soil Disturbance

Written by Rosina Rodighiero, Paige Fehr

Plowing and turning over soil disrupts critical functions of soil microbial and fauna communities, which play a significant role in making soils healthy, living ecosystems. Regenerative land management encourages practices like no-till,...
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Keeping the Soil Covered: A Regenerative Agriculture Principle

Written by Paige Fehr, Rosina Rodighiero

Keeping the soil covered allows for favourable conditions for microorganisms to thrive. Covering soil also helps regulate soil temperature and protects against wind and water erosion. Cover crops are common soil covers,...
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Integrating Livestock and Ensuring their Well-Being in Regenerative Agriculture

Written by Rosina Rodighiero, Paige Fehr

In regenerative agriculture, animal welfare extends beyond the basics of low-stress handling and general care, but rather involves keeping livestock on the land whenever possible, requires careful timing, adapted infrastructure and the...
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Understanding the Context in Regenerative Agriculture

Written by Rosina Rodighiero, Paige Fehr

As humans, our actions are influenced by many factors, including our environment, community, and financial circumstances. In regenerative landscape management, understanding context begs questions like: Does the crop choice match the growing...
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Regenerating Rural Opportunities

Written by Derek Leahy

This post was originally published by Derek Leahy of Rural Routes to Climate Solutions (RR2CS), our podcasting partner for the Stories of Regeneration campaign. With the invaluable help of RR2CS, we will...
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Media release: Stories of Regeneration

Written by Antonious Petro

Event Media Release  For immediate release: June 21, 2023   New Regenerative Agriculture Awareness Campaign Launches   Regeneration Canada (RC) is a nonprofit organization dedicated to promoting soil regeneration in order to...
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Regeneration Canada's main office is located on unceded Indigenous lands. The Kanien’kehá:ka are recognized as the custodians of these lands and waters. Tiohtiá:ke/Montreal is known as a historic gathering place for many Indigenous peoples. 

Regeneration Canada is committed to taking action to regenerate land and water while acknowledging and respecting Indigenous knowledge that ensures thriving for all beings.

We are dedicated to continuously educating ourselves and the communities we serve about the true history of this place.