Join Philip Brass and Kristen Martin from the Nature Conservancy of Canada on reconciliation and allyship between Indigenous communities and farmers, ranchers and other players in the regenerative land stewardship movement.

The lives and cultures of Indigenous Peoples are inseparable from the land. On the prairies, the on-going impacts of settlement and colonialism continue to hinder access to land and prevent Indigenous people from living out their traditional ways of life. Additionally, the near extermination of the bison, a culturally significant species, from the prairie landscape has had long-term impacts on prairie Indigenous people. 

Conservation organizations have a role to play in providing opportunities for Indigenous people to rebuild and strengthen their relationships to the land and to key species such as bison. The Nature Conservancy of Canada (NCC) is a national non-profit organization that secures and manages land throughout Canada to conserve natural habitats and biodiversity. NCC is working to expand and improve its conservation work by including Indigenous perspectives in project planning, building lasting relationships with Indigenous people and communities, and identifying ways that NCC’s conservation work can support Indigenous-led conservation initiatives. 

This talk will explore these concepts by highlighting an example of the Indigenous engagement and relationship-building that continues to shape NCC’s management of a bison herd at the Old Man on His Back Prairie and Heritage Conservation Area in south-western Saskatchewan.


→ Philip Brass

→ Kristen Martin


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