Thank you to everyone who joined us for this event!


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Tour the farm while learning about soil health, biodiversity and food accessibility, then savour a fresh meal with ingredients that honour the famers’ hard work.


Regeneration Canada is proud to partner with Ferme Terre Partagée and the Atlantic Canadian Organic Regional Network (ACORN) to bring you a field-to-fork event like you’ve never experienced before. Join us on July 9th in Rogersville, New Brunswick as farmers Rebeka Frazer-Chiasson and Jean-Eudes Chiasson guide guests on an engaging journey through the farm.

Speakers Dr. Derek Lynch from Dalhousie University and Christine Taylor from Peter McKee Centre will share their expertise on soil health and regenerative agriculture, and access to food and culture in New Brunswick. To end the day, we will join together to indulge in a beautiful family-style meal prepared by local chef Marc Surette, followed by a special flavour of ice cream by Lost and Found Ice Cream for dessert, all made with fresh ingredients from the farm.


About the hosts

Ferme Terre Partagée was officially established as a cooperative in 2018 based on shared values and objectives that honour the hard work of their ancestors and ensure a healthy, sustainable future for those who follow.

For Rébeka, agriculture is much more than sowing, weeding and harvesting. She has a degree in globalization and social justice, and is sensitive to different realities and injustices, which is why she is never too busy to get involved in the community and advocate for food security.

Jean-Eudes has over forty years’ experience in agriculture and he is as formidable when it comes to repairing machinery as he is when it comes to agricultural policy.

– Discover the farm –


About the speakers

Derek Lynch is Professor of Agronomy and Agroecology at Dalhousie University where he teaches soil science, organic field crop management and urban agriculture. Derek has worked with many farms and producer groups to assist with production challenges and assess the ecological and environmental footprint of the farming systems.

Christine Taylor is the General Manager at the Peter McKee Community Centre, the largest food bank in New Brunswick and home to a teaching kitchen, thrift store, community boardroom and garden. She is passionate about changing the way people perceive food banks, creating new programs that empower and enhance community connections.


About the chef

Chef Marc Surette, a native of Dieppe, New Brunswick, began his career under the tutelage of European chefs working in various hotels and restaurants from Moncton to Vancouver to Miami. He contributed to brigades wowing palates of discerning food lovers from all over the world, including famous personalities like Wayne Gretzky and the Queen of England.

After three decades of experience in several regions, Marc realized that his focus was misaligned with his beliefs, when thinking that exotic was what everyone wanted. He returned home with a focus on eating locally and striving for balance between nature and the economy, which was reflected in his kitchens at Bistro 33, Catch 22 and Monk10. Marc’s passion in the culinary arts is evident, and through his menus, he aims to promote public support to solidify the position of local farmers in the marketplace while opening possibilities for future growth and development.