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Visit an Albertan ranch that naturally feeds the soil while regeneratively raising grass-finished beef on a diversity of plants, and experience the most tender and best tasting beef in western Canada!


Regeneration Canada is pleased to bring you another field-to-fork event! Join us on September 23rd with multi-generational farmers Craig Cameron and Peter DenOudsten at Peony Farms near Lacombe, Alberta. Craig will guide guests on an informative journey through their regenerative beef operation, where they raise forage-finished Piedmontese cattle.

Speakers Antonious Petro, Executive Director of Regeneration Canada, and Joel Williams, soil health educator, will discuss regenerative agriculture and the impacts of water cycles and water management on the health of the soil.

The day will conclude with a family-style, field-to-fork meal featuring beef from Peony Farms prepared by chef Marrianne Park of “eat”.


About the hosts

Peony Farms is located just northwest of Lacombe, Alberta. Craig Cameron and father-in-law Peter DenOudsten co-manage the cattle operation, where they produce high quality Piedmontese breeding stock and forage finished Piedmontese beef. When Craig’s daughter was experiencing some health challenges, his family was pushed towards regenerative agriculture as a means of producing the most nutritious food possible to support her needs. Over the years, Craig and Peter have transformed their conventional beef operation into a regenerative one, boasting 10+ grass and clover varieties, limited fertilizer application, and the most healthy, nutritious beef you could imagine.

Craig and his wife, Miriam, are passionate about researching the science behind the health of their food and are eager to share this information with their consumers. They go beyond the standard soil and feed testing that most beef producers do, and further test their plant health, cattle health, cattle genetics, and even the nutrient density of the final product: the beef they sell to their loyal customers.

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About the speakers

Joel Williams is an independent plant and soil health educator providing lectures, workshops and consultation on soil management, plant health and integrated approaches of sustainable food production. Joel has worked extensively in Australia, UK and Canada (where he’s currently based) and has been fortunate enough to lecture to farming audiences internationally. Joel has a Bachelor of Agricultural Science (AUS) specialised in plant and soil dynamics and an MSc in Food Policy (UK) which focussed on food systems, intercropping and agroecological transitions.

Antonious Petro is the Executive Director at Regeneration Canada and a Master’s candidate in soil sciences at UQAT. He has an Undergraduate Degree in biology and a Graduate Diploma in community economic development. Antonious is interested in soil carbon sequestration in agricultural soils and in the ecological services of urban soils. He specializes in simplifying and making scientific concepts more accessible, and focuses on ecology, agri-food ecology, sustainability project management, and citizen mobilization around climate change.

About the chef

Marrianne Park is a Journeyman Red Seal chef from Red Deer, Alberta. Marrianne has been cooking for people since 2007, when she started her company called “eat”. Over the years, the company has evolved from catering for friends’ dinner parties, to building a personal commercial kitchen, to a kitchen-on-wheels catering company. For Marrianne, eat is about coming back to her roots as a child on the farm where cooking simple, nourishing, and flavourful fare was a daily occurrence. Feeding people exceptional foods and getting them curious to question what’s on their plate and where it came from is Marrianne’s bread and butter.