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A look back on the 2021 Living Soils Symposium

Written by Robert Miller

This is a guest post by Robert Miller, a member of Regeneration Canada since 2019. Robert is a retired systems engineer, formerly with General Dynamics Canada, who now volunteers with the Calgary...
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Design thinking: A way to create systemic change in agriculture

Written by Ananda Fitzsimmons

On December 2nd 2022, Regeneration Canada co-hosted a day-long event in collaboration with Equiterre and Sébastien Angers from Ferme de l’Odyssée, in order to reflect on what inhibits and what propels the...
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COP15: Biodiversity and agriculture

Written by Geneviève Leblanc

On the heels of COP27, the 15th meeting of the Conference of the Parties to the UN Convention on Biological Diversity – COP15 – is about to begin. Taking place right here...
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Regenerative Farming in the Prairies: Long Family Farm Field Day

Written by Haedar Naso

During the month of July 2022, Regeneration Canada, in partnership with farms across the Canadian Prairies, held farming field days for our Discovering the Possibilities tour to demonstrate the importance of implementing...
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July 6th Producers' Field Day with SaskSoil

Written by Kate Axten

On July 6th, 2022, Regeneration Canada, in partnership with the Saskatchewan Soil Conservation Association (SaskSoil), hosted a Producers’ Field Day in Minton, Saskatchewan. The day of learning and sharing started at 9:30...
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Diving deeper: What water can teach us

Written by Ananda Fitzsimmons

What we learned at the 2021 Living Soils Symposium Last month, we held the 4th edition of our Living Soils Symposium, the second one to be held online. With over 500 participants...
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Earth my body, water my blood: Accounting for nature

Written by Ananda Fitzsimmons

I was blown away when I came across this beautiful map of our continent, defined only by its watersheds. The map is the work of Robert Szucs of Grasshopper Geography and it...
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Unicorn Riders Take Climate Resilience Seriously

Written by Ananda Fitzsimmons

A speech in 2018 by former Alberta premier, Rachel Notley, made headlines when she said, “Maybe on Salt Spring Island, you can build an economy on condos and coffee shops, but not...
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How are pioneering farmers and agronomists optimizing cover crops?

Written by Ananda Fitzsimmons

No-till farming began to develop in the 80’s as a response to the problem of soil erosion, Initially the practice was focused on farms which grew corn and soy, rotating the two...
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6 reasons why we need to protect our soils

Written by Sarah Barsalou

World Soil Day is an annual international event held on December 5th by the FAO (Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations) with this year’s theme “Be the solution to soil pollution”....
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Here’s how we’re offsetting the carbon footprint of our 2017 Living Soils Symposium

Written by Antonious Petro

The first edition of the Living Soils Symposium took place in October 2017. This initiative, which originated from a handful of citizens, attracted more than 400 participants from all over the world....
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How We Got 400 People Talking About Soil as a Climate Solution

Written by Gabrielle Bastien

One year ago almost to the day was the launch of the Living Soils Symposium Montreal, yet we still had no idea what would come of it. Us, a handful of civilians...
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Regeneration Canada's main office is located on unceded Indigenous lands. The Kanien’kehá:ka are recognized as the custodians of these lands and waters. Tiohtiá:ke/Montreal is known as a historic gathering place for many Indigenous peoples. 

Regeneration Canada is committed to taking action to regenerate land and water while acknowledging and respecting Indigenous knowledge that ensures thriving for all beings.

We are dedicated to continuously educating ourselves and the communities we serve about the true history of this place.