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10 Farmers Who Are Helping the Environment

Written by Jaëlle Dutremble-Rivet

For World Environment Day, we wanted to showcase farmers from our membership who work to mitigate climate change through...
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Working to Seed a Secure Future

Written by Ananda Fitzsimmons

One hundred and fifty years ago, farmers and gardeners saved their seeds and bred their own varieties of plants....
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How These Farmers Are Learning Together

Written by Ananda Fitzsimmons

Club Action Billon is a group of farmers who support one another to learn how to best improve the...
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How this business is offsetting their carbon footprint while regenerating the soil

Written by Ananda Fitzsimmons

The 2017 Living Soils Symposium carbon offset project I had the opportunity to get an update on the carbon...
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Half the Corn, More Profit?

Written by Ananda Fitszimmons

Not your typical corn field Sébastien Angers’ corn fields don’t look like your typical corn fields. In fact, if you...
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How this rural community is building bridges

Written by Ananda Fitzsimmons

Notre-Dame-de-Stanbridge is a small rural community in Southern Quebec, surrounded by many other small rural communities. Like many places...
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Putting Soil First: Healing the Divide Between Conventional and Organic Farmers

Written by Ananda Fitszimmons

We all feel the urgency of the call to action to prevent catastrophic climate change by changing the way...
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Regeneration Canada's main office is located on unceded Indigenous lands. The Kanien’kehá:ka are recognized as the custodians of these lands and waters. Tiohtiá:ke/Montreal is known as a historic gathering place for many Indigenous peoples. 

Regeneration Canada is committed to taking action to regenerate land and water while acknowledging and respecting Indigenous knowledge that ensures thriving for all beings.

We are dedicated to continuously educating ourselves and the communities we serve about the true history of this place.